Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fantasy Football QB Rankings @j_a_Kaz Top 10

1. Michael Vick - When he is on, he is nasty and the best fantasy player in the league. As long as he can stay healthy Vick is no doubt the #1 QB on my list. In my auction league I will make sure to go after him with a loose wallet although making sure I do not pay too much for him.
2. Aaron Rodgers - With a healthy Jermichael Finley back A Rodg has more weapons than the US Army and almost Ties MV for the #1 spot on my QB Ranks list. He has rushed for over 300 yards in the last two years while grabbing 4-5 rushing TDs per year. As for me, I will also target A Rodg in my auction league with an aggressive wallet hoping to land him or Vick.
3. Drew Brees - Can you go wrong Drew? Drew is, was, and always will be a solid fantasy QB who strongly holds the number three spot in my ranks.
4. Tom Brady - 36 to 4 ??? Yeah that was his TD to INT ratio... all Mr. GQ does is throw touchdowns. His total passing yardage holds him back a little but as always a very sold fantasy QB. 
5. Tony Romo - I like him this year. I like him ALOT. He was solid when he played last year and I am banking on the fact that Austin and Dez will put up some HUGE numbers this year.
6. Phillip Rivers - It does not matter if he is throwing to his TE or his #1 Wideout Rivers puts up numbers week after week. He is a solid QB with great potential going into the 2011 season with a happy Vincent Jackson.
7. Peyton Manning - The neck injury / surgery worries me. It worries me alot. He has great weapons and throws the ball a ton but with a weaker O Line and surgery I am going to stay away. But then again it is Peyton Manning so can you really pass on him if he is available?
8. Matt Schaub - I am feeling a bounce back yeah for Schaub. He needs it... HOUSTON NEEDS it. He was a disappointment last year but I like him and AJ to bounce back and be at top tandem this year. Draft Idea: buy low on the combo and look like a genius when they look like the 2006 Brady- Moss Combo.
9. Matthew Stafford - As another writer put it with his "glass shoulder" he is risky but I am feeling the Lions this year with all the young talent they have and I think Megatron and Best will make him and his numbers look alot better. Missed a top tier QB? Wait and take a flyer on Stafford but make sure to grab a nice back up in case he shatters again.
10. Matt Ryan - any QB with Roddy White as their #1 will put up solid numbers. Plain and simple week in and week out solid fantasy QB on a great offense.

Overall I made some very bold predictions although I am not a cut and paste kind of guy.