Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fantasy Football Payout Ideas

When you are looking to enter into a payout Fantasy Football league it is very important to understand how your entry money is going to be paid out at years end. One of the most important things that I make sure to do is ask the commishner, what amount of payouts go to playoffs and also do you have any in season payout options? The reason why this is so important is becasue nowadays anyone can be a commishner of a league and that means ALOT of commishners do not have a clue on how to run a good league or set one up for that matter. One payout set up that has been very successful for some of my leagues is as follows:

50%- League Champion = right-fully-so the playoff winnning team, took home half of the leagues pot.
20% Second Place = Second place stinks but money back plus next years entry you cant complain.
10% Division Winner =  Division winners get their entry money back for being the best in their division regular season. I specifically like this payout option because it rewards the best team through 12-13 weeks of the season. Anyone can get lucky in the playoffs but this option ensures that top teams get something for creating a quality squad.
10% Division Winner
10% Weekly payouts or Season High Point Getter. This percentage payout for fantasy football is great because it hopefully keeps everyone interested all season long. NOTHING is more annoying than a league member who gives up after his team goes 1-5 to start the year. See previous blog Payout Options for more details.
*another modification of this payout scale is to take out the division winners and have the 20% go to the best record or high total points for the year. I am all about rewarding regular season play. Anyone can get lucky in the playoffs but creating a solid squad year after year is worth something to me.
Do you have any ideas to share?